What is viscoUS video?


ViscoUS Video is a Color Grading System for video shooters.  If you want the look and feel of your photo Presets like VSCO in Lightroom, then you'll love using Viscous Video to color your movies.  Using classic film emulations, Viscous Video recreates the look and feel of shooting on old-school film- without the hassle or expense.

Color Grading- as easy as presets.

Many DSLR photographers are familiar with Lightroom workflows using Presets, but feel lost when it comes to the complex world of Video Color Correction.  Viscous Video is a great introduction to LUTs, or Look Up Tables, specifically designed for images straight out of camera, and just as easy to use as Lightroom Presets.  In fact, there's a video LUT for every film stock that you might use in your presets for Lightroom!  Just choose the same Preset and apply it to your video for a look that matches all your photos!

Don't shoot Flat.

The old-fashioned method of Color Correction adopts an antiquated workflow taken from processing film stock in a lab.  This forced DSLR cinematographer to adopt a "flat" shooting style that replicates the studio system in order to preserve dynamic range.

This workflow just doesn't make sense for DSLR shooters shooting on a compressed format. Stylized color schemes cause the picture to "break apart" unless you're shooting high-end LOG footage.  Shooting flat also forces the Cinematographer to correct the image with a skilled Colorist, or be left with a destaurated, muddy image.  It's a complicated workflow that doesn't do justice to DSLR video.

Get it right in camera.

Viscous Video let's you color grade footage that started off looking great in-camera.  The color and style of your image is something you can decide after the fact.  This also means that your Viscous Video can also be used with all of your "normal" footage- which is 99% of all shot footage.  Whether it's from a Smartphone or and Action Cam on a Drone, all of your footage will have that viscous, film-like quality.