VISCOUS VIDEO allows you to color grade your footage using LUTs (Look Up Tables).  These LUTs are derived from actual Film Emulations, and are created in harmony with many of the Lightroom Presets you may already have.

Almost all modern NLE (editing) programs support LUTs in their workflow.

In Adobe Premiere, you would use the Video Effect "Lumetri".  It will give you the option of adding a LUT.  Simply navigate to where you have stored your LUTs, choose your desired film preset, and you are done.  The workflow for After Effects is similar.

If you are coloring in Blackmagic Davinci Resolve, you need to place your LUTs in the correct directory.  To find this: Go to SETTINGS, and then go to LOOKUP TABLES.  Click on OPEN LUT FOLDER.  You can then place your LUTs in there, where Resolve can reference them.  To apply, simply Right Click on the Node in the Color Panel, select 3D LUT, then navigate to your desired Film Look.

Final Cut Pro X users have a slightly different workflow.  To apply custom LUTs, you will need a plug in called LUT UTILITY.  It is available HERE (No affiliation. At release, it was was available for $29.)  This will allow you to use external LUTs from any source.